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Historical Posts from Motley Design Group

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Stuff we have learned that is worth sharing

What's this all about?

Since 1995, we have been responsible for literally dozens of preservation studies on individual buildings, historic sites and districts, and even entire towns. One of the most rewarding and interesting aspects of our work has been developing the background historical research that is necessary to understand what we are looking at.

These historical studies are sometimes researched and written in-house, but more often in collaboration with one of a number of talented historians and architectural historians that we work with. Their work has been of the highest order, and has uncovered many interesting facts and stories that have been forgotten as the decades passed.

These completed studies are usually delivered to our client and in many cases are put on the bookshelf or in a file cabinet, and having served their purpose, are seldom seen again. Looking back at this incredible trove of information, we are amazed at how much has been unearthed over the years and we are just starting to appreciate how valuable it could be to others following up on these subjects, not to mention to anyone just interested in the history of our state.


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