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Arizona Residential Remodels and New Homes

While much of our portfolio is dedicated to commercial project types, we do take on residential commissions when the project and the homeowner's goals mesh with our specialized  knowledge, talents, and values.

We are frequently called upon to work with owners of historic homes or other properties within historic districts.  In these projects, it is essential that your architect knows how to  design additions that will easily achieve preservation approvals by the local jurisdiction. Our work is known by most of the preservation offices in Metro Phoenix and beyond.

For new home designs, it is important that you and your architect  have compatible views on design issues as well as  personal values. We look forward to discussing your potential new or remodeled home with you.

Woodland Infill House and Apartments

Phoenix, AZ


All-new home on a site infilling the Woodland Historic District. The home was required to pass historic preservation design review standards. The project includes a 2-story home with basement and a four-unit apartment structure on a 50' x 140' urban lot.

Kwasnik Residence

Queen Creek, AZ​


A new, 6,500 square foot, 2-story residence on a semi-rural site. 

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